Georgia Vietnam Veterans Alliance
Chapter 1

veterans marietta georgia

Join us every third Thursday at
American Legion Horace Orr Post 29
921 Gresham Road NE
Marietta, GA 30060
GPS: -84.525244, 33.952244
6 p.m. Social Hour in the Bar
7 p.m. Meeting Upstairs

January 2020 GVVA1 SITREP Newsletter

A lot of who we are is where we've been.

~ In Service to Veterans, Their Families, and Community ~

An IRS 501(c)(19) organization. All contributions are tax deductible.

Donation Mailing Address: G V V A 1, P.O. Box 669215, Marietta, GA 30066

veterans marietta georgia

Board of Directors
Dwight Cole
Dickson Lester
Tom Foster
John Drew
Harold Hollingshed
Wayne McKendree
Bill McRae
Andy Zimmerman
Donna Rowe
John Saari
Gene Tatum

The Vietnam Virtual Wall

The Vietnam Virtual Wall By State

The Tunnel Rats Music

Vietnam Facts

Military Family Support Center of Georgia

July 4th 2018 Parade

Brothers Through Honor

Gun Trucks of Vietnam

Powerpoint of Hang Son Doong Cavern

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) traffic video

Georgia Department of Veterans Service

American Disabled Veterans Benefits Assistance

The Rescue of Roger Locher, NW of Hanoi

Video Message from students of College of the Ozarks

Vietnamese Immigrant's Story

Entertaining Vietnam

Vietnam Veterans Speak Up

Pardo's Push in Vietnam

Largest Cave in Vietnam

U.S. Navy and Coast Guard Ships in Vietnam

Vietnam POW Reunion

MOS Codes in Vietnam

The story of CWO John Walker, Vietnam era Soviet spy
Update: This spy died in federal prison on August 28, 2014

Georgia Vietnam War Casualties

The secret history of Monsanto, Agent Orange, and the mutilation of innocent Vietnamese

Agent Orange Timeline

The Truth About the Vietnam War

Governor of Georgia Awards to Vietnam Veterans

Veterans Law Blog

Vietnam War Websources

Air Operations - Vietnam

History of War Websources

Aviation History and Websources

The Truth About the Gulf of Tonkin Incident

River Fish Parasite from Vietnam may be Killing Vets

I Packed Your Parachute

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Painter Dickson Lester, President

Harold Hollingshed, Vice President

Kathy Collar, Secretary

John Bevich, Treasurer


John Drew, Membership

John Saari, Newsletter

Al Heflin, Nominating

Bill McRae, Programs

Paul Quillen, Webmaster


Past Presidents

Dr. Tom Johnson

Bob Humphries

Terry Cash

Al Rowe

Jim Baskin

Bill Kalish

Dave Hambrick

Rich Sale

Chuck Davis

John McDougal

Robert Ledee

Woody McFarlin

Walt Molyneaux

CH-47 Chinook at LZ Bronco / Duc Pho

UH-1 - Called the Slick

Attack Huey at LZ Bronco / Duc Pho

AH-1 Cobra firing a rocket

US Army OH-6 Cayuse LOH - Called the Loach